Choosing the right glass for your artwork can make all the difference! With this in mind, as well as standard and non-reflective glass, we also offer several types of specialist glass made by Tru-Vue.

  • For delicate, antique or light sensitive items, Conservation clear glass would be a good option. This glass has the appearance of standard glass, but in addition it also has a coating which filters out 98% of the UV light spectrum, minimizing UV damage and fading over time.
  • If you want your artwork to really stand out, then choosing Anti-reflective glass would be best for you. Due to its low iron content, this glass is almost invisible and allows the colours in your artwork to really stand out. It also has an optical interference coating which means there are virtually no reflections when you look at it.
  • Or if you want all of the above, UV filtering, no reflections and vibrant colours, then you could choose Museum quality glass. Although rather pricey, this glass will keep your artwork protected and looking its best for many years.

We also have the option of perspex which, for safety reasons, we would recommend for large pictures or for pictures which will go in a child's room.